Learn how to sew and design your own clothes at Making It SewFun for teens ages 13-17. We'll cover all the basics and then progressively move into more advanced techniques. You'll learn. . .

  • how to operate a sewing machine and use workroom equipment
  • how to read and understand sewing instructions
  • how to make pattern alterations 
  • how to insert different types of zippers and so much more!

New students begin with the Teen Level 1 Workbook designed for the first time sewist. Master the basic techniques by practicing foundational skills with simple projects; then continue to advance your skills as you learn how to use store-bought patterns and make more complex projects. Students can also express their own creativity by redesigning the basic patterns and adding their own details. 



Why Should You Learn to Sew? 

  • You could design and sew one-of-a-kind garments
  • You could make money doing alterations and mending for others
  • You could help those in need by sewing projects for charity
  • You could jump-start a career in fashion by developing strong sewing skills
  • Sewing is a skill that will last a lifetime that boosts creativity; develops patience and problem-solving skills


Calendar & Special Events

  • The regular school calendar runs from September-June
  • In the Fall, students have the opportunity to model their creations in our annual Student Appreciation Fashion Show 
  • In the spring, students "give back" to the community by using their sewing skills to make projects for charitable organizations
  • Special workshops and camps are offered during the summer months


During the regular season, classes meet once per week for one hour. Tuition is based on the number of instructional hours enrolled and includes 4-hours of instruction every 4-weeks. There's a one-time registration fee of $40 at the beginning of each quarter which includes a student workbook and fabric for the first two projects. The registration fee is waived when students enroll in the full semester block of 12-weeks.

Workbooks are available for purchase for each subsequent level from our store at the cost of $40. Students are required to purchase their own workbook, fabric, notions, and supplies. A note will be sent home in advance. Pre-packaged fabric kits are also available for purchase from Making It SewFun. 

Tuition = $100 per month + $40 registration fee