Our Customer Stories

"I came to Cherice with a little sewing experience and low confidence in my work. My experience in her classes has truly enhanced my sewing skills. My projects look just as good on the inside as they do on the outside now. Cherice's program is not just about sewing; it's about developing patience, problem-solving and project management. Sewing was just a hobby before Cherice and now it's an entrepreneurial opportunity!"

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Cheyenne Whitaker

"Both of my kids love the classes, they are learning a useful and creative skill while also learning perseverance and experiencing the pride of creative and skillful production. In addition to her excellent sewing skills, the owner (Cherice) is an extraordinarily conscientious business owner. She is always reliable: classes start on time and stay on a regular schedule, billing is clear and easy, equipment and supplies are ready, etc. Cherice also communicates clearly and is very caring and kind with my kids. My kids receive not only excellent instruction but also are in the presence of an excellent and supportive role model. If Cherice has an opening, grab it!"

Jolyon Ticer-Wurr