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Sewing Student Testimonials

“I hereby swear this testimonial is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…Speaking of the truth, Cherice is it!  I took a few courses at another company (who shall remain nameless), 5 years ago and have sewed on my own ever since.  While I got compliments on my creations, I knew I needed work to perfect my craft so I decided to take Cherice’s classes.  Boy, that was the best thing I could have done for my future closet!  Even though I had previous experience, I’ve learned and continue to learn to “sew” many things from Cherice’s expertise.  I came to her class with my “American seams” and actually learned how to make them French!  Now all the sheer fabrics will not be sitting pretty in my stash, they will be sitting pretty on me!  That is just one of the lessons I’ve learned. 

You not only learn skills and fundamentals on your own personal projects, but if you pay attention, you can pick up on skills that other people in your class are learning. I know there are You Tube and other internet tutorials out there but nothing beats hands-ons learning. You can’t learn much from a video if you really do not know what you’re doing in the first place (unless you want to look like you made your own “Gordon Gartrelle”.

Cherice offers that practical knowledge and explains the reasoning behind fabric and pattern choices, and alternative skills to use depending on the project. Now, I’m not ashamed of the inside of my projects.  Cherice’s positive energy, patience, knowledge and creative expertise are why I’ve been “Making It Sew Fun!”     — Cheyenne Whitaker, Chicago




About a year ago I decided that I wanted to learn how to sew. I searched all over the Southside of Chicago for the perfect sewing class, but quickly learned there weren't really any classes offered, except for the occasional one day classes they held at a JoAnn's fabric store. I finally came across Making It Sew Fun, it was reasonably priced and offered small classes that taught beginners like me the fundamentals, as well as those who were more advanced wanting to brush up on skills. The teacher Cherice is a wonderful teacher who takes the time out to teach her students skills and techniques that we will be able to always use. Her small class size gives us one on one attention, which allows you to grasp concepts easier. I was so excited about the class and the pace she allowed us to move at I had my sister enroll my 8 year old niece in classes, which she loves. This class has taught me so much and I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to find a great sewing class that not only teaches you how to make one garment, but teaches you skills to make anything.”     — Kanise Hamilton, Chicago




Cherice's instruction has yielded wonderful results for my daughter. Through Ms. Taylor's patience and wonderful leadership my daughter is learning a skill that will benefit her for a lifetime. Cherice Taylor is making it so fun at Making It SewFun! I highly recommend Making It SewFun!
— Kimia Shelby, Chicago




I love the Making it Sew Fun classes. I like that the lessons are structured and well thought out so each lesson builds on the skills learned from the previous lesson. You can also learn from the other students and projects that are going on in the class. The slogan is correct, you walk away feeling like you are learning a skill not just a hobby or a craft.  I love that my garments look professionally made and not like a homemade or home economics project.   Cherice has enough expertise that she can help you tackle any situation or thread nest that a new student can find themselves tangled in.     —Vernice King, Chicago




Taking classes at Making it Sew Fun is such an enjoyable experience because the classes are so small that Cherice is able to focus an adequate amount of attention to each participant. There’s enough of everything from space on which to work to sewing machines to patterns (Yes, she sells patterns, Yay) to thread, right down to bobbins. Granted you’re to bring your own supplies; but, what you may lack being in Cherice’s class you’re sure to not go without. At best the most you need to bring is a willing spirit to learn and FABRIC!

In addition to the beautiful atmosphere, her sewing classroom is such an inspiration that I’ve tried to pattern my sewing area just like hers. Levels are organized so that you incorporate the skills that you’ve learned in the previous levels into the next so it’s next to impossible not to remember.
—Yvonne Muhammad, Chicago

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