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Kid’s Sewing Classes

 Kids Can Sew® & Fashion Design

Kids can sew and fashion designerThe Kids Can Sew® & Fashion Design program has been teaching kids to sew since 1983. It is a complete sewing curriculum that’s nationally and internationally acclaimed. Thousands of kids have learned to sew with the Kids-Can-Sew® program.

This is a wonderful machine sewing curriculum with sewing patterns and directions designed specifically for kids ages 6-12. The patterns and directions are filled with animated pictures and easy-to-read print that even the youngest reader will be able to follow. Each student will receive their own pattern packet, which is their text book, with an assortment of crafts and clothing projects. Project packs will take approximately 7 to 9 months to complete.

Students will learn to sew at their own pace in a creative and encouraging environment. After the basics are learned, students can express their individuality by redesigning the basic patterns to create their own designs. Classes are appropriate for both girls and both and are grouped by ages:

  • Girls ages 6-9
  • Preteen girls ages 10-12
  • Boys ages 6-12

Machine Sewing Class Descriptions

Sewing Instruction for children

Girls Skill Level #1 (11 projects)
Learn the basics: operation of the sewing machine, fabric layout, cutting, elastic casings, hemming, facings and Much More! Projects include: sewing and notions bag, denim skirt, boat neck blouse, culottes, peasant nightgown, blouse, pants, shorts, bean bug, and belt

Girls Skill Level #2 (12 projects)
Level 2 is started after all the projects in Level #1 are completed. Fleece fabrics are introduced as well as top stitching, ribbing, sewing on buttons, adding pockets and two sleeve types.  Projects include:  boxer shorts, full skirt, jumper dress, sweat shirt, dress, blouse, nightgown, jogging pants, oversized shirt, button belt, felt wallet and teddy bear

Boys Skill Level #1 - #2 (8 projects)
Learn the basics: operation of the sewing machine, fabric layout, cutting, elastic casings, hemming, facings and Much More!  Projects include: tote bag, shorts, jogging pants, oversized shirt, pants, nightshirt, sweat shirt, and mother’s apron

Girls Level #3 (10 projects)
Level 3 teaches skills for zippers, fuse-on interfacing, lining, waistbands, buttonholes, fly front, circular hemming method and sewing on hooks and eyes.  Projects include: button vest, t-shirt, circle skirt, leggins, overalls shorts, sport shirt, velcro shorts, sleep shirt, little purse and hot pad

Girls Sew-in-Shape - Level #5 (13 projects)
This specialty Pattern Packet is a collection of sports wardrobe patterns using spandex or lycra fabric and a serger.  This is for the advanced sewer. Projects include variations of pants, biker shorts, tank tops, wrist wallet, and headbands.

Rag Doll & Doll Clothes

Learn to sew and have fun too!

Children enjoy making clothes for their dolls. With this pattern packet kids can make look-a-like clothes their 18 to 21” doll like the American Girl Doll. These patterns are the same as Girls Level 1 & 2 and can be made from the scraps of fabric left over. Projects include: the rag doll, little bag, blouse, pants, nightshirt, culottes, peasant nightgown, shorts, boat neck blouse, denim skirt, and peasant blouse.

Sewing Craft

These projects are easy to sew and many can be completed in just one hour. Projects include: bean bug, big foot pillow, bike seat cover, bookmark, buttonhole purse, Christmas tree skirt, door dog, easy belt, fabric belt, gingerbread doll, hair bow, hair scrunchy, Halloween bag, stuffed heart, hot pad, dish towel, wind sock, rooster basket cover, sports band, tiny trinkets bag. Wrist wallet and yard stick holder

Class fee includes:

  • 1st Pattern Pack with 7 to 9 months of projects
  • Sewing machines
  • Sewing equipment and tools
  • 1-Hour instruction


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